California Democratic Party (CADEM)

Elected and Appointed CADEM Positions

  • Senior Caucus Treasurer (elected 2021, re-elected 2022)
  • Senior Caucus Organizational Development Committee & Outreach Committee Chair (appointed 2019-2021)
  • Assembly District 51 CADEM Delegate (elected and served 2019-2021 term)

I collaborate and lead with the executive team of the CADEM Senior Caucus

More recent accomplishments include:

2022 success in generating statewide support and official, executive board approved Party positions on legislation for the current term (due to limited capacity, the Party takes positions on only 25+ items per term);

mobilization of Democrats to GOTV across senior communities with focus on multiple, selected 2022 midterm election campaigns of Party-endorsed candidates;

ongoing substantial increases in caucus membership throughout the state;

increased frequency of programs and overall participant engagement; and

increased coordination and collaborations with other groups with shared values and overlap in targeted outcomes

City of Los Angeles, Historic Cultural North Neighborhood Council (HCNNC)

Los Angeles City Hall, Fall 2018
HCNNC Formation Committee with community leaders following City Council vote in support of Board of Neighborhood Commissioners certification

While serving as an elected board member to the Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council (HCNC), I recognized that the Council in its then iteration no longer had the capacity to meet the growing needs and challenges of the diverse, unique neighborhoods served. I gathered data and created resident and business profiles to demonstrate that areas such as the Arts District, in the more than fifteen years since the original Council formed in 2001, underwent substantial growth.

After conducting additional research, consulting with stakeholders, and thoughtful consideration, I determined and proposed that two separate councils would have greater capacity to serve the unique needs of subdivided areas of the neighborhoods. I began the application process to subdivide the areas served by the existing neighborhood council.

As the primary applicant & formation committee member, I led the campaign through certification of the 99th neighborhood council in the City of Los Angeles. The City Clerk-administered election results illustrated that more than ninety percent of ballots cast in favor of the subdivision and formation of a new council.

Following certification of the election results, I was tasked with leading efforts to establish governance for the new council, including general publicity for candidate recruitment, candidate forum, and more.

Media coverage included in International Daily News, June 2-3, 2018 and March 27, 2019 Los Angeles editions.

HCNNC Election information published in International Daily News on March 27, 2019

City of Los Angeles, Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council (HCNC)

  • Elected Chinatown board member, 2016-2018
  • Urban Design & Land Use committee
  • Bylaws committee
  • Bureau of Street Services liaison, 2018-2019
  • Aging Populations liaison, 2017-2019
  • Additional contributions include working with potential grant recipients to facilitate application process, and reviewing and awarding neighborhood grants
Alpine Street resurfacing at intersection of Yale Street