Elected and Appointed CADEM Positions

  • Senior Caucus Treasurer (elected 2021, re-elected 2022)
  • Senior Caucus Organizational Development Committee & Outreach Committee Chair (appointed 2019-2021)
  • Assembly District 51 CADEM Delegate (elected and served 2019-2021 term)

Currently, I collaborate and lead as elected Treasurer of the CADEM Senior Caucus

More recent CADEM Senior Caucus accomplishments include:

2022 success in generating statewide support and official, executive board approved Party positions on legislation for the current term (due to limited capacity, the Party takes positions on only 25+ items per term);

mobilization of Democrats to GOTV across senior communities with focus on multiple, selected 2022 midterm election campaigns of Party-endorsed candidates;

ongoing substantial increases in caucus membership throughout the state;

increased frequency of programs and overall participant engagement; and

increased coordination and collaborations with other groups with shared values and overlap in targeted outcomes