“Angel is a consummate professional. I worked with her at the Sprague Branch Library, where she served as Assistant Manager. She excelled at everything she did. We were undergoing a lot of change at the time, which she handled with seeming ease. She was able to bring other members of the team along as we progressed and maintain morale. Her high standards of service made our organization soar. She is extremely dedicated and has an eye for detail that ensures nothing is left undone, as she implements visionary ideals. Her broad range of experience and knowledge make her an asset for library consulting and service. It is with great admiration that I write this strong recommendation in support of her career goals.”

Adriane Juarez, Director PARK CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY (Source: LinkedIn)

“… I first came to know Ms. Moyes at Castelar Street Elementary School where she contributed as a volunteer and was also instrumental in obtaining grant monies to fund school projects …
Ms. Moyes has taken lead roles that improve communication with elected representatives and other community leaders.
One of Ms. Moyes’ more noteworthy community contributions is her campaign to create the 99th Neighborhood Council in the City of Los Angeles. Despite difficult challenges faced, Ms. Moyes’ efforts resulted in a new neighborhood council that will give a greater voice in the issues affecting the Chinatown community.
I urge you to give consideration to Ms. Moyes who has proven that she is a multi-talented problem-solver and a hardworking, dedicated leader who is committed to our communities to ensure a better future for all.”

Susan Dickson, National Board of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.), Friends of the Chinatown Library Board, and Chinese Historical Society of Southern California Board (Source: Feb. 2019 letter)

“It is my pleasure to express support for Angelica Moyes and share a couple of traits that have made her an excellent employee and a professional librarian. As a consultant for small and rural libraries at the Utah State Library Division, I had the opportunity to work with Angelica when she was co-Chair of the Utah Center for the Book (UCB), a program from the Library of Congress, residing at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Under her leadership, we drafted the first strategic plan for UCB which guided and focused the efforts of the partnering agencies to further the mission of the Center. In addition, as a Branch Manager of the Salt Lake City Public Library, I had the opportunity to work alongside Angelica at public service desks on many occasions. She always displayed a warm and professional demeanor to colleagues and the public. I enjoyed working with Angelica and look forward to future opportunities of collaboration.”

Juan Tomás Lee, UTAH STATE LIBRARY DIVISION (source: LinkedIn)

“It gives me great pleasure to endorse Angelica Moyes for Assembly District Delegate since she has proven to be an invaluable ally to our caucus and the CDP community. She has demonstrated in our caucus that she takes on responsibilities and delivers on them in a timely manner. She is innovative and has an incredible work ethic. Her involvement in her community demonstrates her level of caring for the betterment of all.”

Ruth Carter, Senior Caucus Chair, CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY
(source: January 2021 endorsement)

“I knew at that time that she would go on to become a great asset to our profession. During her time at The Huntington Angelica used the technical expertise she acquired from her previous positions to enhance our serials records, leading to greater accuracy and accessibility for our readers. It is deeply gratifying to know that Angelica’s career as a librarian has been so successful…”

Lorraine Perrotta, Head of Acquisitions, Cataloging, & Metadata Services THE HUNTINGTON LIBRARY
(source: LinkedIn)